Originally from Northern England, Alan Norsworthy has been a photographer since the late 1960's.

He moved to Canada in 1973 and has made Guelph Ontario his home for the last 24 years.

" I remember visiting the CN Tower in the early 70's and the guide said that as far as you could see in any direction is the best farmland in Canada. That comment echoes down the years as I watch subdivisions eat up the landscape."

The area around Guelph offers up a plethora of rural images which Alan captures with his artistic vision. His work covers everything from macro photographs of flowers, sweeping landscapes, historic buildings and old abandoned farms in both colour and Black and White.

"This is where I find my inspiration, I have a need to show people the beauty I see as I walk the woods and fields of Southern Ontario"

Monday, October 21, 2013

Guelph Studio Tour .. We made it !!

It was a long, tiring weekend.

Seven of us, all members of the Guelph Photographers Guild, put on a show at the Guelph Studio Tour.  

We were at Dublin St Church where we cleared the Hallman Room and set up our booths.
At 7:00 pm the doors were officially opened and the crowds rushed in...
well OK the crowds trickled in in one's and two's ...

We had about 20 visitors all with positive responses to our work with 2 sales made on opening night ! 
A good start

We knew Saturday would be a killer.
On your feet from 10:00-6:00 in a stuffy, hot room.

But I lost count, early on, of the number of visitors we had. A constant stream sometimes 
overwhelming, sometimes ones and two's with very few breaks.

Not that I am complaining.

We all made sales, some more than others. Ken certainly rose to the occasion on his first time as part of the tour, chatting to everyone who came near and sold 3 images by the end of the day 

In between selling Stephen was busy giving info and direction to prospective Guild members.

Sunday was a little easier, the doors opened at 11:00 am. And after a short lull people flocked in, some returned to make purchases previously viewed on Friday or Saturday. Others dropped in after church all seemed genuinely interested in our displays with many encouraging comments. Sales would have been better but ...
I look upon these things as a networking opportunity and gave out about 60-70 cards and directed several people to Stephen who talked to them about Guild Membership.
By 4:00 pm the crowds dwindling,and the last hour was difficult. 
Tired and sore from standing all weekend it was hard to keep focused with no one in the room but we 
made it through and started to talk of next year when we can do it all over again....

"Seventy percent of success in life is showing up". ~Woody Allen

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