Originally from Northern England, Alan Norsworthy has been a photographer since the late 1960's.

He moved to Canada in 1973 and has made Guelph Ontario his home for the last 24 years.

" I remember visiting the CN Tower in the early 70's and the guide said that as far as you could see in any direction is the best farmland in Canada. That comment echoes down the years as I watch subdivisions eat up the landscape."

The area around Guelph offers up a plethora of rural images which Alan captures with his artistic vision. His work covers everything from macro photographs of flowers, sweeping landscapes, historic buildings and old abandoned farms in both colour and Black and White.

"This is where I find my inspiration, I have a need to show people the beauty I see as I walk the woods and fields of Southern Ontario"

Sunday, March 8, 2015

I want my hour back !

My blog is normally entitled “Photo of the Week”

These past few weeks my images have been produced at a much slower rate. Where once they were made in a fraction of a second now they are made in the fraction of a day.

Which brings me to today's rant...

I want my hour back!

Last night I had one of the best nights sleep I have had for quite a while. I awake refreshed at 6:30, that's late for me.
It was even later when I realised it was now 7:30 …

Morning is my time I love every minute of it and while I slept someone stole an hour.

I mean what is the point? I know during the war years it gave the farmers more light to get crops in etc. etc. but now? All it does is disrupt peoples lives ( look at the accident statistics) all because some dimwitted politicians think they are 'extending' the period of daylight.
Well lets look at that for a minute.
If a day was a piece of string, and you cut an hours worth off one end and tie it on the other end it's still the same length!

Only a politician could think or try to make us think that the day was actually longer...


"Methinks I see the wanton hours flee,
And as they pass, turn back and laugh at me".
~George Villiers

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